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Two Things Necessay for Salvation

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Two Things Necessary

for Salvation.

THE reason Christianity has not made more rapid advance, is because the people are asked to believe too many things. One half the things man is expected to believe in order to reach heaven have no more to do with his salvation than the question, How many volcanoes are there in the moon? or, How far apart from each other are the rings of Saturn? I believe 10,000 things, but none of them have anything to do with my salvation, except these two—that I am a sinner, and, that Christ came to save me. Musicians tell us that the octave consists only of five tones and two semi-tones, and all the Handels and Haydns and Mozarts and Wagners and Schumanns of all ages, must do their work within those five tones and two semi-tones. So I have to tell you that all the theology that will be of practical use in our world is made out of the facts of human sinfulness and Divine atonement. Within that octave swing the Christmas chant above Bethlehem, and the Alleluiah of all the choirs that sing His praises in heaven.