From Aberdeen to London

Two Things Necessay for Salvation

Halt - About Turn

My passport to Glory

Wheat or Chaff

The man who died for me

Halt - About Turn!

WHAT is this Conversion that you talk so much about, and say people must have?” asked an officer one day of a private who was an earnest, active Christian.

Sir,” was the reply, “it is when the Captain of our Salvation cries ‘Halt!’ and then when we halt, cries ‘About turn!' “ Conversion is more than "theory,” or "head knowledge,” or “talk.” It strikes deeper than the skin: it influences the heart. A reformed man is not a converted man. Conversion is not a beginning to amend or trying to be better, but is a great cure done at once, and done for ever.

An earthly doctor cures his patients by making them better every day, but conversion is God’s work on human beings that transforms them from being a children of Satan, to being a children of God.

Conversion is a turning round, a being something that I was not before. It is having a new motive power, new hopes, desires, relationships, going a new road, sailing to another port, having a new owner, being under fresh orders.

A truly converted person will be able to say: I was blind, but now I see; I was lame, but now I walk; I was dumb, and now I speak.