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Special Through Carriage

From Aberdeen to London.

WHILE standing one day on the platform of the Aberdeen Sta­tion, I observed a carriage with a board on it, intimating that it ran all the way from Aberdeen to London. The doors of it were open. A few individuals looked for this particular carriage, and on seeing “London” on it, they threw in their traveling rugs, entered, and, seating themselves, prepared for the journey.

Having furnished themselves with tickets, and satisfied themselves that they were in the right carriage, they felt the utmost confidence, nor did I observe any one of them coming out of the carriage, and running about in a state of excitement, calling to those around them, “Am I right? am I right?”

Nor did I see any one refusing to enter, because the carriage provided for only a limited number to proceed by that train. There might be 80,000 inhabitants in and around Aberdeen; but still there was not one who talked of it as absurd to provide accommodation for only about twenty persons, for practically it was found to be perfectly sufficient. The carriage is for the whole city and neighbourhood, but carries only such of the inhabitants as come and seat themselves in it from day to day.

God has made provision of a similar kind. He has provided a train of grace to carry this lost world’s inhabitants to heaven; but only for as many as are willing to avail themselves of the gracious provision.

All who will may come, and, through justification by faith alone, may seat themselves in a carriage marked, “From Guilt to Glory.” Whenever you hear the free and general offer of sal­vation, you need not stand revolving the question in your own mind - “Is it for me?” for just as the railway company carry ALL who comply with their printed regulations, irrespective of moral character, so if you come to the station of grace, at the advertised time, which is “now “ (See 2 Cor. vi. 2) - you will find the train of salvation ready; and the ONLY regulation to be complied with by you, is that you consent to let the Lord Jesus Christ charge himself with paying for your seat,-which cannot surely be anything but an easy and desirable arrangement, seeing you have NO means of paying for yourself.