From Aberdeen to London

Two Things Necessay for Salvation

Halt - About Turn

My passport to Glory

Wheat or Chaff

The man who died for me


My Passport to Glory


WHEN the ticket inspector on a train is seen coming from carriage to car≠riage he does not look into your face to learn who you are in order to be satisfied of your right to be traveling on the train? No! he concentrates on the ticket which you hold out to him, and if that is right, you have a right to be traveling on the train, no matter who you areórich or poor, high or low.

So Christ, and Christ alone, is our ticket to heaven. Never can we say, Lord, look upon me, for I am holyónever; but rather look upon Christ, who is our passport. Unworthy? Most assuredly we are. And if we live to be outwardly the greatest saint, we will be unworthy still. God chooses to save. It is not a question of what we deserve, but what Christ deserves for God's evaluation of what Christ has done is that he has perfectly earned a place in heaven for all who believe on him.