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Wheat or Chaff

"His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will clear His threshing floor and gather His wheat into the granary, but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire".
St. Matthew iii. 12.

YOU SEE THE QUESTION at the head of this page. It is a question for every man, woman and child to answer, and it is drawn from the verse of Scripture which heads this leaflet. The verse was spoken by John the Baptist concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is a prophecy to be fulfilled when Jesus returns to this earth. Listen to what these words say, and ask yourself - "Am I Wheat or Chaff?".

(1) This verse tells us that the world is divided into two classes of people - Wheat and Chaff.

In God's eyes there are only two sorts of people on earth, those who are wheat and those who are chaff. Whatever groups you may see on earth, you may be sure God considers only these two.

a. The wheat are all those who believe in the Lord Jesus, love and serve Him, have been saved from their sin by Him, and know Him as their own personal Friend and Lord. Class, position, intellect or nationality do not come into it. What makes us wheat before God is whether we believe in Jesus and are truly serving Him.

b. The chaff are those who do not believe in Jesus or serve Him truly. Those who have not gone to Jesus to be saved from their sin; those whose lives are marked by little love for Jesus or thought about Him, or of the things He is interested in. Such people find little in prayer, in the Bible, or in church attendance. They are more concerned about life here on earth than the life after they die.

This is how God divides mankind. Any other idea on this subject is a soul ruining delusion and an empty dream. Are you Wheat or Chaff?

(2) This verse tells us that one day Christ will divide these classes.

Christ will clear His threshing floor and gather the wheat from the chaff. In this world the wheat and chaff are mixed. There is a mixture in every country, class, business, office, or institution. There is a mixture in every church congregation. When Jesus comes again He will separate the wheat from the chaff.

(3) This verse tells us what Christ will do with the wheat and the chaff.

The wheat will be gathered into the granary and the chaff will be burnt.

a. The wheat, the true Christians, will go to a place of safety, joy and peace. To the place the Bible calls Heaven. Not one grain of wheat will be missing. The Christian road may be hard; the Christian may be despised or thought a fool in this world, but Christ loves everyone of them. He has gone before them to Heaven to prepare a place for them, and when He comes again He will come to take them there.

b. The chaff will be burnt with unquenchable fire - Christ will purge His floor. He will judge and punish all those who were impenitent and unbelieving, all those who despised Him and clung to this world. The punishment will be severe, for it is likened to burning. It will be for ever and ever, the fire is unquenchable. The Bible speaks of this place as Hell. Hell is real and true; there will be people sent to Hell by God. It is a place of unutterable woe, for it is described in the Bible as the pit, the prison, the fire, the blackness, the darkness, the second death. People there are said to thirst, to weep, to gnash their teeth. This is the destiny of those who are chaff. Are you wheat or chaff?

Be certain of this, all these things are true whether you may like it or not, and it is folly to deny what is true. Be sure in your mind that this concerns you because you are either wheat or chaff But take heart for you may be sure that Christ is willing to save you from Hell and make you wheat if only you will come to Him. But whatever you do consider this question "Are you wheat or chaff"? Don't leave off thinking on this question till you have given it an answer. If you find yourself to be what God calls chaff, turn to Christ now and be saved, kneel down at this moment and ask Him to save you from your sin. seeing you have NO means of paying for yourself.